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This building was built using a steel frame with brick outer walls. The outer walls were divided into sections between vertical steel beams. The ceilings used steel arches designed to hold fire bricks set on steel rails as a way to prevent a fire on the first floor from spreading to the second.

On the second floor there was a full clerestory monitor and additional walls were constructed having fire doors to divide the space on the second floor into sections. In the event of fire, these walls would help prevent the fire from spreading to other sections.

Each of three stairwells were constructed as separate bricked areas within the main building and would also keep fire from spreading to the second floor or roof.

Overall dimensions for the building are 320 feet in length, 72 feet in width, and approximately 42 feet in height.

The building was constructed on a raised base being 64 inches above ground level. The base is approximately 360 feet X 112 feet X 64 inches.

The base was constructed first then a cement pad area was poured for the actual placement of the steel superstructure.

Coulmn base
Riveted steel beams measuring 9-3/8 inches X 10-1/4 inches X 16 feet were positioned down the center of the structure. The steel used was 3/8” thick. The distance between each row was twenty-three feet. Each column in each row was spaced fifteen feet apart.

Column on base
Each column was bolted to a column base. Note the rivet assembly. [ Photo 5 ]

Col in place
This image shows the forty central columns which formed the central section of the superstructure. Columns in each row are 15 feet apart. The distance between each row of columns is 23 feet.

Col with outers
Around the perimeter of the central columns (blue) were placed steel columns (brown) between which the brick outer walls were built.

Beams 5
Beams spanning between central and outer columns are 18” X 6” steel beams.

Steel beams which will be imbedded in the north (foreground) and south (distant) walls were placed at each end of the structure.

This image shows the detail of the structural end pieces for the end walls. This is the south end of the building.

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