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Article of Agreement

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February 27, 1850


MISC. B-472

Deed Room, Monroe Country Courthouse, Stroudsburg, PA.

Lewis Decker

Jacob Huffsmith


Lewis Decker grants to Jacob Huffsmith the privilege of a certain waterpower on the lands of said Lewis Decker. Jacob Huffsmith shall have the full power and privilege to erect a dam of 5’ 2" in height on the lands of Lewis Decker. The water to cover a certain piece of meadow on the side of the creek where the house of Lewis Decker now stands. But should the water overflow more of the lands of said Lewis Decker on the opposite side of the creek, then the said Jacob Huffsmith shall erect a wall to stop the water and the said Lewis Decker is to be at the expense of one hand in erecting the wall. And the said Jacob Huffsmith agrees and binds himself to Lewis Decker the privilege of erecting a shop and the privilege of using his water power to drive a turning lathe, circular saws, and the said Lewis Decker is to be at the expense of taking the water out of the dam, and if it is not convenient, to erect a shop on the lands of Lewis Decker.

The said Jacob Huffsmith grants him the privilege of erecting a shop on his lands at or near the dam and the said Jacob Huffsmith grants to the said Lewis Decker the privilege of the use of a certain road leading now to the house of Lewis Decker. And Lewis Decker grants to Jacob Huffsmith the privilege and use of 1 rod of ground around the dam for the purpose of repairing his dam and for no other use, and in consideration of the above mentioned privileges the said Jacob Huffsmith agrees and binds himself and his heirs, executors, and administrators to pay unto the said Lewis Decker the sum of $9.00 per year and should the said Jacob Huffsmith wish to be released of paying to the said Lewis Decker the sum of $9.00 yearly than the said Jacob Huffsmith his heirs, executors, and administrators shall pay to the said Lewis Decker his heirs, executors, and administrators the sum of $150.00 and the privilege of the above mentioned water power for the use of the shop.


A copy of the original on file in Stroudsburg follows (Miscellaneous B-472):


This agreement allows Jacob Huffsmith the right to build and maintain a dam 5’ 2" in height and a millpond on the property of Lewis Decker. This pond and dam would supply the waterpower for driving a mill that was to be located on Jacob Huffsmith’s property.

It also allows and grants to Lewis Decker, who was a carpenter, the right to construct a shop with a "turning lathe, and circular saw" on Huffsmith’s property and to use the mill pond water to power his shop also. But if this was inconvenient he could construct it on his own property and still be allowed the use of the millpond water behind the dam.

Jacob Huffsmith also allows Lewis Decker the right or easement for use of a road that cut across the Huffsmith property to the Decker homestead.

Jacob Huffsmith agrees to pay Lewis Decker the sum of $9.00 per year for this right. If Huffsmith wants to cancel this agreement he must pay the sum of $150.00 and lose the rights to the waterpower for his mill.

The original agreement was made on Feb. 27, 1850, but officially recorded Sept. 26, 1862.

Note the names of the witnesses, C.D. Brodhead, after whom the village of Brodheadsville was named, and Ruben Weiss a long time resident and landholder.



This is the site of the dam mentioned in the above agreement. The Lewis Decker house was off to left center background. Route 715 is located about 50 feet to the right of this photo.



The road leading off on the left of this photo was the road leading to the Lewis Decker House. It cut across the Jacob Huffsmith property and avoided the flood plain in the center distance. The road was built up several feet to allow passage in wet or winter weather.

Location: looking north up Rt.715 about 50’ north of the entrance to Stamford Heights.

Wagner’s Mill view 1-1895

This hand drawn sketch was made for the purpose of showing the properties that the Pohoqualine Fish Club was leasing from the local landowners. This map shows the location of the Siglin/Decker house, and the location of the mill and local roads. The diagonal property boundaries are approximate.

This is the same view but with the mill lot superimposed over map.

Wagner’s Mill view 2-1894

This view is similar to the one above but shows a slight variation, but was drawn with the same attention to detail. This version includes the label "Wagner’s Dam" but omits Wagner’s name over the property. It also shows the road and bridge crossing closely matching the drawing above.

Same view as above but with the outline of the mill property superimposed.


Route 715-1939

This state construction map shows how Route 715 cut through the Mill lot property, destroying whatever was remaining of the Mill in 1939. It shows the Joseph Bond property then owned by his sister Olive P. Bond, and the Wagner Mill Lot owned by a Miss N. Mervine.

Also shown is part of the old dirt road called "present L.R. 45041 (earth)" and two other dirt roads on the Bond property.

It also clearly shows the old bridge crossing which had an abutment center stream, and the new bridge that is still in use.

It also shows the strip of land between the Creek and the Bond property that was owned by the Pohoqualine Fish Club, and later sold to Bond.



View 1-Old Bridge Crossing Site

This view westerly from Rt. 715 looks towards the old dirt road approach to the bridge. The stonewall in the foreground was part of the old bridge structure.


View 2-Bridge Site and Bond House

This view shows part of the original dirt road (45041) on left center of photo, the dirt drive leading toward the Bond House, and the Bond House.

The old bridge was sited just about at center foreground.

Camera Positions for above Photos.


Road to Lewis Decker House

This photo shows the road to the Lewis Decker/Siglin House as it looks today. View is looking north from the road junction on the Huffsmith/Bond property presently known as "Stamford Heights Farm"

See color map below.

Bond/Siglin/Wagner Properties-1894

This map, based on the Pohoqualine Fish Club surveys and maps of 1894, shows the approximate locations of the early roads before present Route 715 was constructed in 1939.

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