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1-Renovation begins by cutting a hole thru the rear mill wall to get construction equipment into the building and for removing debris.

2/3-North side of mill showing metal flumes which directed water from mill dam to metal water reservoir tank above the Fitz overshot wheel.

4.-View of reservoir tank, spillway, and Fitz water wheel.

5.  6.   7.    8.     

5-View of chain drive used to control flow of water to wheel from reservoir.6-North side of Mill as flumes and reservoir tank are removed.

7-Race wall removed and machine prepares to lift the wheel from the race pit. 8-Phil Jago cuts wheel to free it from the frozen mud in the race.

9. 10.11.   12.

9-Fitz wheel is cut from main drive shaft and ready to be lifted from the race. 10-Fitz wheel is moved aside for later re-installation.

11 Main gear connected to waterwheel shaft 12.Main gear drives a smaller pinion gear shown in this photo. The pinion gear shaft drives

a large sprocket gear connected by chain to a sprocket gear located above it. The large Main gear driving the smaller pinion gear creates tremendous torque.

The chain drive gears increase the speed of the shafts, which is further regulated by pulley wheels elsewhere in the Mill.

 13. 14.  15.

13/14-Chain drive to horizontal shaft above holding a large bevel gear. The bevel gear changes the horizontal rotational motion thru a

small beveled pinion gear, to vertical motion, driving a vertical shaft to the millstones located on the floor above. 15-Detail of chain drive.

All photos this page courtesy of Phil Jago Construction.

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