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(Located on Rt. 17 north (Ridge Road), Lyndhurst New Jersey)

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One of the memories of living in Lyndhurst as a young boy, was going to the train station to watch the steam locomotives arrive and depart. Passengers would disembark and walk towards the stations steps. Then the engine would power up and slowly chug off either east towards New York, or west towards the Passaic River and towns beyond.

This station was also a favorite spot for boys of earlier generations also. There were two large rectangular signs on each side of the tunnel which passed under the station house. Both were from the original decor of the station, and announced the stop, KINGSLAND, in gold letters on a black granular surface. My father recalled that it was a game in his day for the boys to try and scale the wall to reach the sign, then to scratch their initials in the surface if they made it up.

By serendipity, I came to own the original sign that was located on the west bound side of the station. It is hanging over my fire place. And to this day you can still  see several initials that had been scratched into the surface by the boys who are now long gone. It always causes a connection between me and my father, who was once one of those boys.

LEFT-This view of the KINGSLAND STATION is looking west. Notice the double flights of stairs and the cross walk over the tracks. This is how I remember this station being but with doors, windows and in good repair. The crosswalk afforded a unique view of the locomotives from the TOP as they passed beneath your feet. Note the black rectangle on the left side of the tunnel facing. That is one of the original KINGSLAND signs. The sign that originally hung in the same position on the right of the tunnel is presently hanging on my fireplace. I located this photo on the WEB and cannot credit the photographer. This view is from some time in the 70's prior to the station being refurbished.

RIGHT-This view taken in August 02, shows the present state of the station. The covered steps on both side have been removed and replaced with new concrete work. The doorways and trim have been repainted and new modern station signs hang on the wall at left (near the truck). Progress? I still like the old steam locomotives that run in my memory.


This view is looking east from the crosswalk towards New York City. The original KINGSLAND STATION was located where the tracks bend out of view in the photo a little east of  Summit Ave.  (MAP DETAIL) I can still picture the steam locomotives rounding the distant bend puffing smoke as they slowed to stop at the station. This line was at the time the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western system. My grandfather on my father's side worked for this railroad as a "car cleaner" just to the right  where the tracks curve. There were several sidetracks there also just beyond the original station location. And the cars were usually cattle cars, not passenger cars. On the easterly side of the tunnel that ran under Orient Way (beyond this view) and to the right of the tracks (south side) was a huge DL&W engine and car repair shop. (MAP DETAIL) They are long gone and the site is now covered by industrial buildings. The view above looks much as it did 50 years ago, less the yellow lines


LEFT-This view is looking west through the station towards Ridge Road. Note the 2 indentations on each side wall. those to the left opened into a white/black tiled waiting room. Those on the right to offices.

CENTER-This is the rear of the station showing the crosswalk and station doors.

RIGHT-This view is through the same passage as  LEFT photo, but from the opposite side. This view is looking east through the left hand doorway of the station.

Left-North side of the station.Ridge Road is on the right.  Middle-Front view of the station, looking south easterly.

Right-South end of the station. Utility power transformers under the concrete side "patio" area.

This view shows former location of KINGSLAND sign. The signs were removed during the renovation of the station. Note the new steps and railings. The once covered steps now left open.

Original KINGSLAND Station Location

On a 1915 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, the location of the original KINGSLAND STATION is clearly shown. (center of map) Note that the map states that the area "lying south east of Ridge Road is in KINGSLAND" -click here to see map detail.

Report-Train accident at Kingsland Station -  CLICK HERE

Click here to see overall map of area -and present location of station.

Engine and Car Repair Shops of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad , and the New Jersey Brick Company brickyard were located on the eastern side of the railroad tunnel that passed under Orient Way. The brickyard was on the north side of the tracks and the DL&W shops were on the south, as shown on this 1922 Sanborn map.  -  CLICK HERE

For a 1940 topographical map view of the yards-CLICK HERE

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