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One of the letters I found in the collection was from Mrs. Iva Bear Chandler, of Philadelphia, to the Jonas Hotel. She wanted to arrange a reservation of her favorite room for the Labor Day weekend. She expressed great enthusiasm for that room and for the Jonas area and that is what caught my interest. I wanted to see the room she so enjoyed and to see for myself just what she saw when looking out the window.

In the Tom Held collection I found most of the answers to those questions. Tom Held arranged for photos of the room and with the permission of the current owners, Mike Pandolfo and Al Cantiello, I was able to view and photograph the room that Iva Chandler so enjoyed.




Philadelphia, Pa.

July 28th, 1920.

My dear Mr. Snyder:-

Did you think I could let the summer pass by without a trip to beautiful Jonas? If you did you are going to get another think.

Now, Mr. Snyder, my husband and myself and a young lady and gentleman friend want to come over Labor Day. The young lady and my husband and myself are going to Stroudsburg by train on Saturday morning on September 4th and the young man is going to meet us at the Stroudsburg station and bring us over to Jonas and we would like to get there for Saturday dinner, the we would be there Saturday night and Sunday night and probably leave after dinner on Monday. The young couple are not married, but they are engaged to be married. Now put us up the best way you can. I don’t care how, just so you let us come; I promise you this time there won’t be any ropes let down; that was Raymound’s fault; he won’t be along this time.

We certainly had allot of fun that time; I often wondered if you people were cross at us for making so much noise, but we did have a good time.

That same couple that was with us last time is not coming, this is a different couple. I would love to have room 12 on the third floor, I always liked that room best of all, but give us anything you can. I am perfectly willing to sleep in the barn if you have no other place.

Do you still have some of that wonderful wine in that cellar? I don’t believe there is another human being who loves Jonas as I do.

I was up to see my father and mother two weeks ago, and I was urging them to go up to Jonas and they would both like to come very much, but papa had to give up his business and he sold his big house that they lived in, and he also sold his machine so he had to spend quite a good deal to get the small house that he owned put in condition and that cost him more than he had expected, but I keep on coaxing him, and in every letter I write I coax him to go.

I hope Mrs. Snyder and all the children are well; I suppose both Lillian and Susan are married by this time, and I suppose Roland has been building some wonderful machinery,

and then there is Ralph and little Arlington. I want you to ask Arlington what I shall bring him along this time, Now, don’t forget.

Now please put a sign on that room No. 12, or nail it shut or something so that no body will get in it over labor day.

Now please let me know right away, I am going to enclose an envelope so you can write right away. Now don’t disappoint me; I’ll never forgive you if you do. We have made all our plans to come and I wrote real early, it is about a month off.

If there are any of the old crowd there Miss Moore, Dr. and Mrs. Roat and their little girl and Mr. and Mrs. Rodenhausen, please remember me to them and don’t forget to remember me to all your family and Charlie too, and don’t forget Nellie.

Yours sincerely

Iva Bear Chandler

1916-18 Market St., Phila.


Here is the original letter:

Room 12 Letter 1    Room 12 Letter 2

The letter and its enthusiasm transcend time and I felt I had to see her favorite room. Room 12 today bears the number 15 rather than the original 12.


Room entrance foyer

Entrance to Hotel-Interior view looking toward front porch entrance.

Room foyer 2

Hotel entrance-On the left is the stairway the leads to rooms on the second and third floors. This is what Iva Chandler saw when she walked into the Hotel in 1920. There were some differences, like the coat hooks on the right wall were reported to have been deer hoof type, and likely no rugs just hardwood floors.

Staircase 1

Looking down the staircase from second floor.

Floor 2 hallway south

View towards front porch (south) from top of stairway on second floor. Ascending staircase on right leads to the third floor and the location of “Room 12”.

Floor 2 hallway north

View north from top of stairway on second floor. Rooms are on both sides of the hallway.

Door to staircase 2

View of second floor looking north from porch doorway. Door on left opens to stairwell leading to Room 12.

Staircase to Room 12

View up stairway to door of Room 12. Door has been renumbered and is now numbered 15.

Door to Room 12

Original door to Room 12. This door is the same door Iva Chandler entered into her favorite room in a country hotel far from Philadelphia.

Room 12 1

Room entrance from interior, staircase to second floor can be seen bottom center.

Room 12 2

Interior of Room 12 looking north. This is the view on entering the room that Iva Chandler enjoyed when she visited the Hotel from Philadelphia. A chimney flue is located to the left of the chair in this view, the area beyond is now a bathroom. The brown door on left is a closet. What is seen to the left of the chair did not exist at the time Iva occupied the room. There were two windows, with a chimney flue in center between them. Photo courtesy- Tom Held Collection.

Room 12 sketch

From this sketch of the room C-1910, the radiator appears not shown under the window as it actually is. Chimney flue is indicated.

Room 12 with occupants

Here is a view of Room 12 with occupants. The chimney flue in center of room is visible. The people in this photo are John and Lottie Mohn. Mr. Mohn was one of the founders of the Fogelsville Pa. National Bank. The Ball Post bed in this photo is now part of the Tom Held Collection. Photo courtesy- Tom Held Collection.

Room 12 bed

This is the Ball Post bed from Room 12, shown in above photo.

Room 12 view 1

This was her view out the left north window. Ice House is on the left, Pond mid center, and the roof of the wood shed on right.  Photo courtesy- Tom Held Collection.

Room 12 view 2

Postcard like that used in above photo. Courtesy-Fran Mabus Collection

View from east windo Rm 12

2011 view from the east rear window looking towards the trees that was the location of "Snyder's Grove".

Rear of Hotel

The two early above room views were taken from window on right of third floor in this rear view photo. The original window has been replaced. The photo directly above dated 2011 was taken from the left window in this photo, the east window. Both windows are in Room 12. The tall chimney and exhaust vents seen in this view did not exist at that time.

Ninety-one years later from that July 28th date of the letter, Room 12 is still a special place.

Iva Chandler felt it.

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