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The following are photographs of some past visitors to the Hotel, and some of the letters saved over the years. This group includes old tax bills and advertising items from the early years of the hotel.

Randy Starr and Judy Wenner

In this 1957 photo are Randy Starr and Judy Wenner. At the time of this photo, Randy Starr was having success with a hit song on the radio called “After School”. He had also made appearances on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand TV show, a new genre at that time.  Randy also wrote twelve songs for a number of Elvis Presley movies. He also was a member of the group “The Islanders” with whom he played guitar and whistled on their hit song “Enchanted Sea’ in 1959. Quite a story, and on his weekend visits from New York to the Hotel with friend Mark Rogers, a prominent Radio/TV announcer, made for interesting nights and a sense of celebrity at the hotel. Judy Wenner is related to Lucille Held, the hotel owner at the time.

 In Randy Starr’s own words in a response to an email about the photo:

“My wife, son and I all love the photo because it shows me as I was over half a century ago!  I believe it must have been taken in the spring or summer of 1957, because I have a short-sleeve shirt on and Judy is wearing a summer dress.  At that time, I had my first hit record as a singer/songwriter, "After School," which was released about March 1957. I frequently drove down on weekends from New York City with Marc Rogers (and after 1958 with my future wife) to the farmhouse he had purchased in Dotter's Corner up the road from a general store owned by an elderly lady, Mrs. Feller.  I recall visiting Jonas Hotel a number of times with Marc.  He was a prominent TV/radio announcer and had other friends from New York who bought houses in the area, including John Burns and Don Wells.  I believe they also visited the hotel, as did Jim Lowe, the disc jockey who recorded, "Green Door."

Paul Held and Maryjane Arner

Paul Held, Hotel owner, and friend Maryjane Arner. Mrs. Arner became a famous artist from the Pocono area. Presently (2012) she continues to be active in the arts, painting and teaching Art Classes in her home studio. C-1955

Bar patrons 1

Three friends at the bar, they were the “Regulars” from left: Arthur Meckes, Eddie Holtzman, and Charlie Meckes   Arthur and Charles were often referred to locally as the “Gold Dust Twins”

Lucille Held and Mary Williams

Ladies Night? Lucille Held on left with Mary Williams.

Bar patrons 2

Dancing to the Juke Box C-1955

Local patron

"Mountain Friend" on Hotel porch in front of horse trough.

Mail carrier

Mail Carrier Burkett C-1933 front left side of Hotel. Note horse watering trough is still in position at corner of porch. The mail carrier and his sporty roadster convertible and six-gun are a glimpse of a different time in America.

Stone coal letter

Jonas Snyder forms a company to search for and develop “Stone Coal”, dated 1874

Payment request    Receipt

                                                              Request for payment, 1884                                  Receipt to John Snyder-1902?  


Debt payment        Bad situation

1902-Paying a debt.                                  A bad situation, 1902

Beer order

A Beer Order-1904

Cigar order       

Tobacco, Cigars and Confectionary order from an Easton supplier, 1905

Receipt 2       Hotel postcard

                        Receipt to Jonas Snyder-1906                                             New Post Card order dated 1906 to John Snyder.


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