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Hadrians tomb.jpg (55612 bytes)21Hadrians tomb-Lou.jpg (59984 bytes)22SHE WOLF OF ROME.jpg (36958 bytes)23Dying Gaul-Capitoline Museum.jpg (39977 bytes)24

13.-Lou at Trevi Fountain. 14.-Overview Trevi Fountain. 15.& 16.-The Turtle Fountain 1581-1599 by Giacoma della Porta, bronze youths by Taddeo Landini, turtles added in 1658 and are most likely by Bernini for Alexander VII. 17.-Fontana del Tritone by Bernini, 1642. 18.-Colonnade of St. Peter's by Bernini. 19.-Colosseum facade. 20.-Part of  tempio di Giano 260AD embedded in walls of  S. NICCOLO EN CARCERE, from 1599. This church  is  located near the theater of Marcellus and makes use of three different temples for its structure. 21.-View of Hadrian's Mausoleum 139AD, now known as Castle S. Angelo. 22.-Lou on Ponte S. Angelo, original sculpture designed by  Bernini 1668, carved by students and followers. 23.-Famous symbol of Rome in Capitoline Museum-"She Wolf" of Rome, Etruscan bronze, early 5th cent. BC. 24.-"The Dying Gaul", One of my favorites. I noticed when walking around this piece, that near the toe of the out stretched leg, you can see the faintly engraved cross-hair that the artist used to align his perspective.

Roman Fourm 1.jpg (497473 bytes) Overall view of Forum. Photo found on Web, credit not available.