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One of my dreams was to stand in the ancient Roman Forum, and daydream of the past events that unfolded there. It was a chance to feel the ancient time and to know I was in the same space as some of the greatest men who have ever lived. All photos original except as noted. Photos-1996.

Lou in Forun 1996.jpg (34808 bytes)1Forum 1.jpg (55466 bytes)2Forum 2.jpg (53125 bytes)3Architetural detail.jpg (58119 bytes)4

Pantheon-1.jpg (49401 bytes)5Pantheon-2.jpg (65738 bytes)6Pantheon-Raphels tomb.jpg (46333 bytes)7Pantheon-fountain detail.jpg (63966 bytes)8

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1.-Lou standing in the ancient Forum on the Via Sacra. 2.-View towards Arch of Septimius Severus, erected 203AD, Curia is on right. 3.-Basilica Julia started 54BC by Julius Caesar, opened Sept.26, 46BC. 4.-Part of cornice showing ancient dart and egg designs still used in architecture today. 5-Facade of Pantheon constructed 117-138AD by Hadrian. 6-Interior of Pantheon. 7.-Tomb of Raphael in Pantheon. 8.-Detail of fountain in plaza of Pantheon. 9.-Dome of Pantheon. 10.-Joanne before the giant doors of the Pantheon. 11.-Columns of Temple of Castor and Pollux. 12.-View of Trevi Fountain constructed by Nicola Salvi in 1762.