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Pompeii was another site I had hoped to visit someday, and that time had come. I enjoyed the feeling of walking and seeing places ancient people had once occupied. Mt. Vesuvius brought the city to a sudden end when it erupted in August 79AD .  Photos-1996.

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Home interior 1.jpg (80723 bytes)6Home interior 2.jpg (48346 bytes)7House of Vetti-1.jpg (28624 bytes)8House of Vetti-1 detail.jpg (26136 bytes)9House of Vetti-2.jpg (42225 bytes)10

Rutted road.jpg (37831 bytes)11Trianular Forum 425BC.jpg (61453 bytes)12Inside Triagular Forum view towards entrance.jpg (46469 bytes)13Theater adjacent to Trangular Forum.jpg (54682 bytes)14Theater adjacent to Trangular Forum 2.jpg (58822 bytes)15

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Faun from House of the Faun.jpg (39786 bytes)21House of Vetti-3.jpg (36680 bytes)22House of Vetti-4.jpg (45537 bytes)23House of Vetti-5.jpg (53606 bytes)24

1.-2.- Typical streets of Pompeii. 3.-Street crossing stones. These allowed pedestrians to cross the street when there was rain and mud, and also allowed carts to pass with wheel openings. 4.- Remains of  bakery in the Vicolo storto (the crooked lane) showing the lava millstones and ovens used to grind the wheat and other grains. 5.-Dog mosaic in the entrance hall of another building. 6. & 7.-Interior of beautiful home showing  fountain with mosaics . The muted colors here are fabulous. 8.-Painting in the vestibule of the House of Vetti. This painting shows Priapus  weighing his phallus. This painting was intended to ward off the "evil eye" of those jealous of the wealth of the Vettis. Phallic symbols were common to the culture of Pompeii. 9.-Detail of painting. 10.-A phallic sculpture of Priapus in the Vetti house. 11.-Street view showing the cart wheel tracks worn into the street pavement. This shows the wear from centuries of carts plying the streets of Pompeii when it was a living city. 12.-Entrance to the Triangular Forum dating from the Samnite era and public well. 13.-View from inside Triangular Forum looking towards entrance. 14.-Large Theater adjacent to the Triangular Forum. 15.-Stage of Large Theater. 16.- Example of restaurant showing  holes that held serving pots. 17.-Counter in another restaurant. 18.-Another street scene. 19.-Joanne at a well. 20.-Interior of House of the Saulust. 21.-The famous Faun from the House of the Faun. 22.-Cooking utensils as left on the stove in the House of the Vetti. 23.-Atrium of House of the Vetti. 24.-Fresco in House of the Vetti.