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Palazzo Vecchio view.1Palazzo Vecchio facade detail.2Palazzo Vecchio interior.3Joanne Robertella in Palazzo Vecchio.4Original masthead from Palazzo Vecchio.5

Where Savonorola was burned in 1498.6Perseus by Cellini7Perseus by Cellini_detail.8S. Croce facade.9S.Croce Altar.10

Galileo's tomb.11Michalangelo's tomb in S Croce.12Medici Chapel interior.13Tomb of Giuliano Medici.14Tomb of Lorenzo Medici.15

Exterior S. Maria Maggiore.16S. John Baptistry doors.17Baptistry Door detail 1.18Baptistry door detail 219Baptistry south door.20

1.-Palazzo Vecchio, begun in 1294 and completed in 1322, still serves as Florence's town hall. 2.-Detail of facade, tower dates from 1310. 3.-Vasari's courtyard with it's copy of Verocchio's  Putto Fountain, dating to 1565. 4.-Joanne in courtyard. 5.-Original bell tower masthead dating from 1310. 6.-Lou standing next to the spot where the religious fundamentalist Girolamo Savonarola was burned at the stake in 1498. 7.-Cellini's bronze PERSEUS and MEDUSA (1545-54)  is located in the Loggia del Lanzi (1382) which is opposite the Palazzo Vecchio. 8. Detail of PERSEUS. 9.Front facade or Santa. Croce(1294), was re-clad with colored marble in 1863. 10. Interior. The creator of the crucifix hanging over the Altar cannot be identified but dates to the first half of the 14th.-century. It is similar to Cimabue's 13th-century masterpiece which was damaged in the floods of 1966. 11.-Tomb of Galileo. Galileo was denied a Christian burial until 1737 when this tomb was created for him by Giulio Foggini. Santa Croce has a number of tombs and Centographs of historically  famous people like Galileo, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Dante, Ghilberti and even Rossini. 12. Tomb of Michelangelo designed by Vasari in 1570. 13.Interior of Medici mausoleum located behind San Lorenzo, the Medici family parish, begun in 1604. Marble work not completed until 1962. 14.-Tomb of Giuliano de Medici by Michelangelo.(1526-31) Located in the Cappella Medici of S. Lorenzo. The two figures represent Day and Night.15.-Tomb of Lorenzo de Medici by Michelangelo.(ca.1525) Located in the Cappella Medici of S. Lorenzo. The two figures represent Dusk & Dawn. 16.- Exterior of Santa Maria Maggiore, first mentioned in the 10th-century. as it stands today is based on 13th. and 14th.-century renovations. 17.-"Gates of Paradise" by Lorenzo Ghilberti.(1425-52) These doors to S. John's Baptistery have been known by that name since a comment made by Michelangelo, who said they were worthy of decorating the Gates of Paradise. 18.-Panel detail, "David" 19.-Panel detail, "Joshua" 20.-Two panels from the north doors of the Bapistery(1403-24) by Lorenzo Ghilberti showing the Annunciation (on left) and the Birth on right.