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                                            Front facade Florence Cathedral-main entrance.1Front facade from plaza.2Front facade and entrance.3Front of Campanile or Bell tower.4

                                            Left side view of Cathedral.5View of Dome  from Campanile.6View of Dome and side detail of cathedral.7View of Campanile from Piazza del Duomo.8

                                            Rear view of Campanile.9Interior passage in Campanile.10Bell in Campanile.11View from Campanile.12

                                            Lou Robertella in Campanile.13View of Cathedral roof detail from Campanile.14View from top of Campanile.15

1.-Front entrance to Florence Cathedral, S. Maria del Fiore, 4th largest Christian cathedral. Work on this cathedral began on Sept. 8, 1296 under first architect Arnolfo di Cambrio. 2.-3.-Front facade, a 19th. century structure, original demolished in 1588, this design from 1871. 4.-Front of Bell Tower, "Campanile."  Work began in 1334 under Giotto de Bondone. 5.-Left side of cathedral. 6.-The Duomo or Dome of the cathedral. An architectural masterpiece designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. Work started on the dome around 1420. 7.-Another view of dome taken from the Campanile. 8.-Cathedral plaza, "Piazza del Duomo."  St. John's Baptistery is on left. 9.-View of Campanile from right side of  Cathedral, showing 1431 entrance to tower. 10.-Interior passage of Campanile. There are 416 steps to reach the top of the tower. Tower is about 278 feet tall (84.7 meters) 11.-Bell in Campanile. 12.-View from Campanile. 13.-Lou in Campanile! 14.&15.-Views from Campanile.