Lou's Place in Cyberspace

I used AutoCad, 3D Studio Max, Accurender, Vue Espirit, and Photoshop to create these images. I like trying various programs to get an idea of how they function. I have tried many graphic programs over the years. These images are from the earlier years when I first began trying them.

All images on this page were created using 3D studio Max

Taras11V.jpg (25632 bytes)Taras 1Taras6.jpg (103333 bytes)Waves1V.jpg (11768 bytes)

LF8-1.jpg (135450 bytes)LandformC15 copy.JPG (25789 bytes)Watercrest1.jpg (152694 bytes)landform4-d.jpg (171371 bytes)

terrain2.jpg (108457 bytes)landform5-1.jpg (139067 bytes)LF8-3.jpg (99625 bytes)Landcruiser9.jpg (194464 bytes)

Landcruiser10A.jpg (174643 bytes)Landcruiser10B.jpg (136646 bytes)room1e.jpg (30234 bytes)LF3L copy.jpg (37331 bytes)

LF3Q copy.jpg (32934 bytes)column base 1a.jpg (161724 bytes)

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