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I finally had the opportunity to visit Ft. Sumpter, the site of the beginning of the Civil War, and the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Though I had visited most of the battle grounds of the war, I had never traveled to South Carolina.

Presented here are a few photos of Fort Sumpter, Ft. Moultrie and some sites in Charleston. Charleston particularly the steeple of St. Michaels Church, was the target of the famous cannon the "Swamp Angel". To view my paper on the Swamp Angel, written a number of years ago: CLICK HERE.

Ft. Sumpter has been changed radically over the years and what you see today is a vague resemblance. Since the fort was reduced to a pile of rubble from both Confederate then Union bombardments, their only remains ruins of the original structure. It was good though to actually be at the site of the beginning of our country's most crucial historical event.


1    2   3    4

1-View of Fort Sumpter from Ft. Moultrie. Surprising how close the distance between the forts, well within range of the batteries on Ft. Moultrie.

2-The new Sally Port entrance to the fort from the tourist boat wharf. / 3-New Sally Port. / 4-View of some ruins of original fort.

5    6    7    8

5-Ruins / 6-Ruins showing cannon roller tracks for pivoting the guns. / 7-view of gun emplacement. All guns are not originals. / 8-View down battery casement.

9    10    11    12

9-View thru battery. / 10-view thru gun emplacement port. / 11-Union cannon shell embedded in brick wall of fort. / Close-up of embedded shell

13    14    15    16

13-View of another Union shell embedded in wall. / 14-Detail of 13. / 15-View showing amount of brick blown out of wall from velocity of shell hitting the brick. / 16-Detail of view 15. All the embedded shells did not explode, but did damage just from the velocity of the round hitting and shattering the brickwork.

16    17    18

16-Display of ordinance on display. /17-View of Confederate Ft. Moultrie which fired on Ft. Sumpter at the start of hostilities. / 18-Ordinance display field at Ft. Moultrie.