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Another desire I had, was to someday visit the Lourve, and see Notre Dame. Both desires were met and also a visit to Chartres Cathedral. Though photos abound of these sites, here are my views of the subjects.

Woman imitating art-Paris-1996.jpg (32535 bytes)1Eiffel Tower-4- 1966.jpg (26786 bytes)2Eiffel Tower-3- 1966.jpg (57128 bytes)3Eiffel Tower-2- 1966.jpg (40331 bytes)4Lou Champs de Elyser-Paris-1996.jpg (106797 bytes)5

Lou at Arch de Triumph-Paris-1996.jpg (63329 bytes)6Notra Damn 3.jpg (41863 bytes)7Notra Dame-Paris-rear.jpg (47823 bytes)8Notra Dame-Paris-rear 2.jpg (51341 bytes)9Notra Damn Gargoyles.jpg (48475 bytes)10

1-woman imitating Art / 2-Eiffel Tower / 3-Tower Detail / 4-Joanne at Tower / 5-Lou on the Champs-Elysees

6-Lou at Arc De Triumph / 7-8-9-10 Views of Notre Dame. These photos taken in 1996.