Map 17-1868-1912-Development of land north of Route 209 and along Rt. 715.

This map shows the configuration all the various plots of property between 1868 and 1912.

Present day Rt. 715 runs through the center of this map starting from the bottom and is shown as a black dashed line. The Effort-Neola Road is shown by a black dashed line, in its approximate position a little above center of this map.

The “Turnpike Road” is present day Rt. 209 at the bottom. The original Mary Carr tract from 1793 is outlined in light green.

The area to become Stamford Heights is outlined in red, center left. The words “original Mary Carr tract”, in green, help locate it.

Also note locations of McMichaels Creek and Lake Mineola. This map shows the configurations of property in the center of Brodheadsville by 1912.