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1-Mr. Charles D. Brodhead. Born Sept. 23, 1827. Died 1913. Mr. Brodhead's wife Rachel, was the daughter of Joseph Keller. Rachel was born Feb.10, 1828, and died Jan. 17,1889. I found in all U.S. Census records from 1860 to 1890 that C.D. Brodhead's wife's name was listed as Rachel, not Martha Jane as has been stated in some histories.  2-The woman in this photo has been mistakenly identified as C. D. Brodhead's wife Martha Jane, but Martha Jane was actually Brodhead's sister. This error may have occurred as there was a Martha Jane Keller, sister of Rachel. It is unknown if the woman in the photo is his wife Rachel, or his sister Martha Jane. Mr. Brodhead became Postmaster when town was called Shafer's. Sometime between 1851 and 1856, when C. D. Brodhead was Postmaster, the name was changed to Brodheadsville. 3-Information on Rachel Keller from Keller Family History. Note it refers to C. D. Brodhead "of Brodheadsville". After leaving Brodheadsville and selling his store and Hotel he moved to Stroudsburg.

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A-1839 map showing town name as Shafers. / B-1828 U.S. Post Office listing showing name change from Chestnut Hill Pa  P.O. to Shafer's.

C-1851 U. S. Post Office Directory Showing town was named Shafer's, Monroe county, Charles D. Brodhead as Postmaster, and Mail route #1441

D-1856 U. S. Post Office showing P.O. as Brodheadsville. / E-Listing of Pennsylvania House Members shows C. D. Brodhead of Monroe County for the years 1859-61

F-1790 Monroe County Census showing that a Frederick Shafer lived in this area. Other names on the census such as Sigler, Boner, and Brong were also listed and known to live in this area. Perhaps his family name was well established in the 1700's and the town was originally names after his family. This is personal speculation from research.

G.-From Keller Family History, note Martha Jane Brodhead married George Keller, and Charles D. Brodhead married Rachel Keller.

To see census record excerpts for C. D. Brodhead click on year: 1860   1870    1880    1900  (In 1900 he is shown as widowed as his wife died in 1889) No Listings for 1890.

COMPLETE CENSUS PAGES with listings for Charles D. Brodhead, Lewis Decker, Jacob and Abraham  Huffsmith:1860 -page 1 HERE, page 2 HERE

1870- page 1 HERE page 2-HERE


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1-Barn located on Rt. 115 near High School / 2-Barn on Rt. 209 / 3-Barn on Silver Valley Road-demolished / 4-McMichaels Creek /  5-Italian cement art on property of Mrs. Diehl / 6-more Diehl House Art / 7-Zion Church Steeple / 8-Altemose hardware store-oldest part of village. Store right of center, was original owned by C.D.Brodhead, then sold to J.D. Stotz. Larger building on left (center of photo) was added later.

9-Lake Mineola was once a summer recreation spot as this poster from 1934 advertises. Dinner and Dancing at the Pavilion June, July, and August.  For more Lake Mineola photos click here

10. Brodhead Hotel, owned by C.D. Brodhead was sold to Linford Heller in 1866.  J. T. Stozz purchase it from Heller in 1886.  Business remained in operation concluding as the "Brodheadsville Inn", a tavern, and closed 2005. It is presently vacant.

11-Fairview Academy founded 1881 by Rev. George G. Kunkle, who was its first Principle. The institution was intended for students of both sexes as preparation for those intending to be teachers, preparing for college or those going into a business profession. It was a pioneer institution in Monroe county offering a "higher course of education". It was located on the property which CVS Pharmacy now occupies, at the intersection of Rt. 209 & 115. Fairview Academy was closed in 1938.

12-View looking east from near top of hill at intersection of Rt.209 & 115. Road leading off to left in center of photo would be present day Rt.715. Was then called "Creek Road"

13-View looking north up Rt.715. (Creek Road) On right corner is presently located the "WaWa" convenience store. Rt.209 in foreground, then known as Easton-Wilkes Barre turnpike.

14-Sebastian Brong family. The Brong house was located up Rt.715 past Effort Neola Road.

For more views of the Italian Cement Art collection on the Diehl property click-here.

For a photo drive through the center of Brodheadsville on Rt. 209 going west, our "Main Street" click here.

For additional views of the ZION Church click here.

Photos 9, 11, 13, 15 courtesy of Fran Widdicomb Mabus.

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