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Diehl House Cement Art

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One of the more unusual aspects of the local landscape is the original Italian Cement Art found on the former property of the Diehl residence just north of the intersection of Rt.209 and 715. From a conversation I had with Mrs. Diehl, she claimed her husband purchased this art  from a Italian man who lived in or near Palmerton. These were all original creations which appealed to her husbands landscape design, and so he had them installed in his yard. The name of the sculptor has been lost, but his art is distinctive and adds an eclectic touch to the local surroundings.

UPDATE! WHILE DRIVING PAST THE DIEHL HOUSE ON DEC. 29 2005 I NOTICED  THE ART WAS GONE! -the house had been sold and the new owners removed it. So this page represents how it was. I liked the stuff, thought it added a nice touch to the area and I always looked at it when I drove by. If anyone knows anything about the artist please contact me.

Diehl House c-1950 (Courtesy Fran Widdicomb Mabus)