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On the third floor was the "Bolter" or flour sifting machine. This device used rotating cylinders of mesh of different sizes to sift the grain into various grades. The various grades of flour was then pushed along troughs by a rotating auger type device directing the finished flour into chutes leading to sacks located on the floor below. There were a number of other devices located on this floor including the "Smutter" or Fanning Mill which was a grain cleaner, blowing chaff away. Also located on this floor would have been the  "Hopper Boy", a grain drying devices which raked the ground grain allowing it to cool. All were interconnected by a maze of chutes, shafts, and pulleys. None of these items remained at the mill site so could not be shown. The bolter and its location was visible in a photo and is included here. The gearing used to drive the bolter was not visible in the photos and is not shown.

The Bolter is on the left in the above left illustration showing a view looking towards the front of the Mill. On the right is shown the rear connected belt drive which drove the Bolter and was powered by the machinery located on the second floor. There would have been other pulleys connected to this belt driven shaft to power a number of other grist mill devices and the sack hoist.

Attic area. Slate roof lathing boards not shown.

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