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Large 12X12 Oak beams were used for the main floor supports and cross beams. Upon this was laid the flooring for the first floor. This flooring was usually 1X6 inch planking.


The first floor planking of 1X6in. Oak planks were laid down and the millstones and housing called the "casing" were put into position. Only one millstone was found at the site. Another was said to have been taken and used at another mill. The illustrations of the millstones shows only the basic structure since only one upper or "runner" rotating stone was found in the site. There is much more to the actual grinding device than is shown here. The stone casings which held the "Runner" and "Bedder" Stone included a hopper device which released the grain into the millstones. Millstones rotated at about 125 revolutions per minute. Since none of that was found at the site only the stones and casings are shown. Gristmills have many conveyors, chutes, pulleys and various machines within them. Since only a few devices and pieces of machinery remain, it is not possible to know how the other equipment was arranged. By a few existing photos showing the mill being torn down in 1959, it was possible to see there was a "Bolter" or sifter was located on the third floor. The gearing, pinions and supports, and one upper mill stone as shown above were actually found at the site.

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