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Since this information on the RED MILL was first published in 2004, new information has become available, thanks to the internet.

 I received a letter to this web site in 2011 from Ed Gardner, a descendant of the Heller family. Mr. Gardner sent me a copy of a letter he has from Joseph Heller of Brodheadsville written to his brother Edward who had relocated to Ohio. The letter is dated January 1881. This letter proves that Joseph Heller owned the RED MILL prior to selling it to Newton Geisinger. The previous owner was one William Shupp who sold it to Heller in 1870.

 Ed Gardner states that according to his family history the Heller's were a family of several generations of Millers, and Edward Heller operated a mill in Ohio.

 The photos below are of the Joseph Heller home as it appeared in 1935 after being sold to the Frehoffer family. Mrs. Frehoffer was the lady who provided me photos of the dismantling of the RED MILL taken by her husband in the 1950's.

 Mrs. Frehoffer was born in a house just south of the house pictured here. She lived her entire life between those two houses. The Heller/Frehoffer house is located across the street form what remains of the RED MILL.

View looking southeast on Silver Valley Road.

The home Mrs. Frehoffer was born in was behind this house, not visible in these photos.

View looking Northeast on Silver Valley Road.

Northeast side of house with part of RED MILL visible to the immediate right of front porch.

RED MILL as it appeared in 1950's prior to dismantling of the mill.



Heller letter

The murder mentioned in the above letter is described in a newspaper article dated Jan. 4th 1881 indicating the letter was written some time after that date:

Article dated Jan. 4 1881

 A Double Tragedy
    On Sunday night, December 26th, an atrocious murder was committed at Bethlehem, Pa., by Joseph Snyder, who brutally murdered Jacob Geogle and wife with an axe while they were asleep. The murderer was boarding with Mr. G., who informed him on Saturday that he must pay his board and leave the house. He had frequently made improper advances toward Alice, the daughter of Mr. Geogle, aged 16. Snyder informed a neighbor of the murder and afterward disappeared; after diligent search he was found in a barn. A crowd put a rope around his neck and dragged him to a tree. He was then hung by the neck till he died.



Heller deed

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