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 Pleasant Valley history and development of the land in this area. Early settlers developed the town from the properties of a few of its earliest landholders.


"BRODHEADSVILLE CHANGES IN 2014-2016" -Changes to the center of town are taking place. The main intersection of Rt. 209 and Rt. 715 have begun. The original Brodheadsville Hotel also known as the Brodheadsville Inn is to be remodeled into a new restaurant and lounge. A new Medical Center is being constructed on Rt. 209 next to the branch of the East Stroudsburg Savings Bank and an old landmark, the diner opposite the J.C. Mills school has been taken down. These pages show the changes taking place.

"STAMFORD HEIGHT'S" -follows the history of a 384 acre tract of land originally owned by a Mary Carr, and how her holdings were traced from 1791 to the present Stamford Heights properties. "Stamford Heights"  was the last land parcel which was part of her original tract. Note also that the MAPS and PLOTS have been updated (6/04) and will now display better. All plots and maps were created by me for this site.

"MILLS OF BRODHEADSVILLE"-tells of the investigation of the two local mills situated on McMichaels Creek. A grist mill called "Wagner's", and a grist mill called "Geisinger's" or the "Red Mill", supplied the local population with  ground corn and flour. It also touches on the ruins of a third mill and a barn built in 1861 and demolished in the 1990's. At one time there were 5 gristmills, and 19 sawmills In Chestnuthill Twp. Two Gristmills were located in Brodheadsville! Both are gone.

"RED MILL REBORN"- is a complete reconstruction of Geisinger's Red mill, as local gristmill that once served the local populace. Through research and my interest in Industrial archeology, I have constructed a virtual 3D model of the mill as it once existed with illustrations and photos of the remaining ruins.

"Photos and things Brodheadsville" -will direct you to historical information, photos,  and things unique about the town. (Village)  It includes a virtual drive thru the town on a bright sunny summer day.

"OLD MAPS" -is a collection of maps of the local area.  One map is from the Beers History of Monroe County-1875. Others are scans of maps purchased at the Brodheadsville Library, or found on line.

"OLD POCONO PHOTOS" -is a collection of old post cards and photos from local collectors.

"POHOQUALINE FISH ASSOCIATION"- A brief history of the association and its notable founder.

" A DROWNING AT LAKE MINEOLA" -A tragedy occurred at the peaceful local lake in 1909.

"BRODHEADSVILLE INN"   - The old Inn that had been in the village from at least 1850, or longer, and was demolished in 2015. This is some of its history with an old photo of the Inn.

Chestnuthill Twp. From 1845 History of Pennsylvania Counties