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The Brodheadsville Inn was a tavern and hotel in the early Stagecoach days, when Route 209 was known as the Wilkes-Barre/Easton Turnpike. The Inn has been listed in town since the 1850's and still stands. In 2014 renovations began to change it into a new Restaurant and Lounge. These renovations have provided a chance to see its early hand cut timbers and the mortis and tenon construction used when it was first constructed. The photo above appears to have been taken c-1890 but the date cannot be verified. The people on the porch are likely local citizens but their identities are unknown at this time. The following photos show the building as it underwent renovation starting in 2013 and as of late 2014, not much has been done other than a large above ground Septic System having been installed.

1.   2.

1. This photo shows the Brodheadsville Inn as it appears when you are traveling North on Rt.209 (Actually east by compass) going towards Rt. 33 before renovations began. Note the front porch and the extensions on the side and rear of the building. As you can see from the old photo the front porch was enclose at some time and the side and rear extensions were added.

2. The Inn from a different angle before renovations began.

3.    4.

3. This photo shows the rear and side extensions added on over the years.

4. This photo shows the front and the extensions added to the side of the Inn.

5.    6.

5. Here the renovations have begun and the front porch is removed. The original hand hewn timbers and doweled mortis and tenon construction is revealed.

6. A closer view of the front's original construction. Notice how the timbers are joined. The original doorway was located between the two large vertical timbers.

7.    8.

7. This view shows the rear and side extensions removed.

8. Part of the original clapboard siding remains on the side of the building and had been covered over.

9.    10.

9. View of rear of building after extensions removed.

10. Detail of original construction. When first built common nails were not used, instead wooden dowels were driven to connect the pieces. This was a common construction technique for that time and was considered sturdier then nails. I would date this construction to the late 1700's or early 1800's.

11.    12.

11. View of dowel construction on west side of building where side entrance was. Note top timber with notches may have been reused for the construction of the original building.

12. Another view of doweled construction at the rear of original building.

What will this old Inn be like in the future? These renovations exposed how the original building was constructed. I hope the original structure continues to exist within the structure of the future building.

These changes to the Inn affected two other houses that stood along side and on the opposite side of the street. Photos taken of the renovation of the Brodheadsville Inn and the dismantling of the two houses gives a view of the Altamose Hardware store that has not been seen since at least 1875.


Sometime prior to December of 2015 it was decided by the Village planning board to demolish the Brodheadsville Inn to make way for another medical building. The planned renovations of the building to turn it into a new restaurant and lounge were called off after a large septic system had been installed prior to the renovations to take place. 

Why this was done I do not know as I am no longer a resident of that place having moved from there to Charlotte, N.C. in 2014. This was one of the oldest buildings in the village of Brodheadsville. I found mention of it as the "hotel" located along the Wilkes-Barre/Easton turnpike as early as 1830 in research I was doing for the history and development of Brodheadsville. It was one of the few hotels in the Pleasant Valley when the village was then called "Shaffers". The name change from Chesnut Hill Pa. to Shaffer's occured in 1828.

The building was demolished in 2015 and no longer exists. It is rumored that the old Altamose hardware, located across the road (Rt. 209) from the now non-existant Brodheadsville Inn, will also be demolished. As of 2016 it still exists. LAR

Demo of Brodheadsville Inn
In December of 2015 the old Brodheadsville Inn was completely demolished, these are the remains (See photo 2 above). This view is looking northeast.
The road in the foreground is Rt. 209, the old Easton/Wilkes-Barre Turnpike.
The road in the background is Rt. 715 north. In the center background is the West End Fire Station. Photo courtesy of Barbara Konawalik.

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