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This 1875 map of Brodheadsville shows the buildings that have been demolished at the intersection of  RT. 209 & 715 in the center of Brodheadsville. It also gives the names of the then owners of those buildings. The large pond area beyond the J. Frantz property at the intersection is now where the West End Volunteer Fire Dept. is located. The Frantz property is now the WaWa Convenience Store. The house on the opposite corner of the Frantz property then owned by J. Arnold  existed from at least 1875 to 2014 when it was demolished.

This old image of the intersection (photo date unknown), looking north up what is now Rt.715 shows that the Arnold House existed at this time with a fence around it (on left). On the right with a pickett fence is the Frantz House not seen behind the trees. The barn behind it which existed until 1990 was demolished when the WaWa store was put on this corner.


1.     2.    3.

1. The intersection of Rt. 209 with 209 going off in the distance and to the right is Rt. 715. The large corner house is the J. Arnold house and across Rt. 209 is where the "B.S.Sh" (Black Smith Shop?) once stood and is now the house at the left edge of the photo. In the distant left is the Altamose Hardware Store. On the map above, all the shops and feed scales along rt. 209 were owned by John E. Stotz. The individual shops were linked at some time after 1875 and appear today as the Altamose Hardware Store with the roofs of the individual buildings linked with roofing between them. Mr. Stotz may have built the house where the Black Smith Shop once stood.

2. Front of the J. Arnold House which fronted on Rt. 209. At the far right is a part of the WaWa Store.

3. The lot once occupied by the J. Arnold House. This view has not been seen as shown since the J. Arnold House was built, sometime before 1875. On the left edge is part of the Brodheadsville Inn.

4.    5.    6.

4. Southwest view across the J. Arnold lot towards Altamose Hardware store. The J. Arnold House has been removed. The east side of the Brodheadsville Inn is seen at the right of photo. Across Rt. 209 is the "B.S.Sh." shown on the map, now a house, likely built by Stotz.

5. Front door of the Stotz house that stood opposite the J. Arnold House shown as "B.S.Sh." on the map above.

6. The west side of the Stoltz House which fronted on Rt. 209. In the distance is another house once owned by J. Frantz which is opposite the WaWa store. At the time of this photo it was a former mattress store.

7.    8.

7. Intersection of 715 & 209 from the approach on 715. The former Stoltz house is now gone. See Photo-4.

8. Lot where the Stoltz house once stood. Altamose Hardware is to right of photo.



9. The Diner on Rt. 115 near the junction with Rt. 209 and opposite the J.C. Mills school was demolished in 2014. This Diner had been at this location and had many owners over the years. The date of when it was first built is unknown. Last known as "Penelope's Diner". Photo courtesy of Taylor Amoroso.

The above changes and demolitions occurred during the year 2014. Further changes to the Brodheadsville Inn and this intersection will be coming in the future.


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