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Construction began in late summer of 2014 on a new medical facility on Rt. 209, on the east side of the East Stroudsburg Savings and Loan Bank branch on Rt. 209. This new facility will add to the overall health of the community and will save the local citizens the travel time to more distant facilities in Stroudsburg or the Easton/Allentown areas.

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1. Early stages of construction of new Medical Building. View looking east. 2. View looking northwest, Rt. 209 in foreground. 3. Construction being added to extend building on east end of original construction.

4.    5.

4. Outer insulation added and columns for brickwork and window insets ready. 5.Windows being installed, brickwork on columns finished. Final outer finishing to be completed.

Photo 5 was my last view of this new building before I left Brodheadsville and relocated to the Charlotte area of North Carolina after retirement in November, 2014.