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Today, most people have never heard of a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Names that were world known for audio equipment like Ampex and Studer are ancient devices to the modern audio world of digital recording and Compact Disc.

For those of you who enjoy seeing the old audio stuff and catalogs-view the links below!

All images from Aug./ Dec. 1966 Audio Magazines.



                Audio Aug. 1966.                                         Audio Dec.1966                                      Recorder Specifications


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1-Empire Speakers / 2-ElectroVoice / 3-Electro Voice Microphones / 4-Fairchild Master Tape improvement System, 72db

5-Fischer Tuner. The Fischer name in audio was one of the top sellers of better middle grade equipment.

6-Garrard-one of the better mid-class turntabes. A classic, and very accurate, ahead of its time.

7-Garrard Tracking.

8-Heathkit. An amazing company that sold "kits" of their product. A person could assemble the pieces and have a high performing amp, tuner, or pre-amp. I recalling seeing in many studios, a few Heathkit pre-amps connected to the system. These were very rugged, high performance specifications, at very low cost. Like the Volkswagon "Beatle" of the Audio World.

9-Kenwood. Known as a good quality mid priced equipment. / 10-Koss. Became known for their headphones. their speakers were catching on at a grass-root lever. Sounded great for 1966!

11-Marantz. Considered some of the finest equipment available at that time. Saul Marantz designed the circuits and were cutting edge in those years. All hand wired with excellent layout.  I once owned a Model 19 that had a built in oscilloscope. I found I could get excellent mixes using the scope as a visual aid.

12-Marantz Model 15, 120 watt. One of the best amplifiers available at the time, very high specifications.

13-McIntosh. Very high quality, well built, wiring as art. / 14. Audio Dynamics ADC606 / 15-Miracord 50H Turntable / 16-Norelco Microphones.

17-Sherwood S-8800 / 18-Sherwood S-8800 / 19-Sony TA1120 Note Harmonic distortion is 0.05%, very good for those days. In 2008 typical is 0.0007%!

20-Sony Products / 21-Bozak Speakers / 22-Acoustic Research. One of the best speaker systems ever designed. Still make excellent speakers.

23-pioneer products / 24/25-Amplifier specifications. 26/27-Receiver specifications / 28-Pre-Amp specifications / 29-Modular units /30-Phono Cartridges

31-Cartridge detail / 32-Pickering Cartridge / 33-Shure Cartridge / 34-Speaker systems / 35-University Sound microphones / 36-Turntables and arms

37-Shure Unidyne microphones / 38-Shure microphones/ 39-Electrophonic Stereo turntable/ 40-Moog synthesizer / 41-Electrophonic Stereo System with tuner