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Ampex tape recorders were the world standard from the 1950's thru the 70's. They were considered the best made and were in every major studio in the world. They were the first to enable "SEL-SYNC" in the early 60's enabling the first sound-on and sound-with-sound recordings. They also made some of the first video recorders for network television

Shown is the first home user model sold to the public.

The AMPEX name was derived from inventors name, Alexander M . Pontioff plus "ex" for excellence.


  1965 AMPEX-2000 series Home Recorder/Player.

Ampex 2000 Series Catalog:




  800 series and PR-10



Early Ampex VTR "New Product" 1966


1965 MC GEE Catalog. The top of the line home recorder, the first non-professional machine issued by AMPEX was the Series 2000. Shown below the 2000 series is the professional portable F-44 "FINE LINE" series. At the top of the second page is the series 602, once found in broadcast and recording studios the world over.