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John Constable: "A Mill at Gillingham in Dorset" (Parham's Mill) 1826-Oil on Canvas. The lithograph sketch in center states that this image is a sketch made by Constable of a mill near Stourhead , and "possibly may be one with which the artist had some connection in his early days"  /   "Boatbuilding" 1814.



Alfred Bierstadt: "Rustic Mill" 1855 / "Old Mill"-1855 /  George Caleb Bingham: "Landscape with Waterwheel and Boy fishing" 1853.


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1-William-Adolphe Bouguereau:  "Rest", 1879, oil on canvas, The Cleveland Museum of Art. 2-"Nymps and Satyer"-1873. 3-"Les Oreade"-1903. 4-"Invation"-1893.

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GIOVANNI ANTONIO CANELETTO-1697-1768 -VIEWS OF LONDON AND ROME  1-LONDON-"View of Whitehall and the Privy Garden from Richmond House". 2-LONDON-"The Thames and City of London from Richmond House".  3-ROME-View of Arch of Constantine and part of Colosseum on right. 4-LONDON- "Northumberland House" 1753-1773 Equestrian Statue of Charles 1 on right. 5-LONDON "Greenwich Hospital from the north bank of the Thames" 1752 note repair work on ship at right. 6-LONDON "Warwick Castle" South side 1752  7-LONDON-"Warwick Castle east front from the Outer Court" 1752.