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1Burnside Bridge 3 Union side.jpg (52208 bytes)2Burnside Bridge 1.jpg (56454 bytes)3Burnside Bridge 2.jpg (56569 bytes)

4Dunker Church 1.jpg (41859 bytes)5Dunker Church 2.jpg (62663 bytes)6Dunker Church Int.jpg (195390 bytes)

7Sherrick house Antietam.jpg (55172 bytes)8Cannon&caisson Antietam.jpg (53297 bytes)9New Jersey Monument-Antietam color.jpg (145634 bytes)

Views of "Burnside's" Bridge, Union side (1), Confederate side (2 & 3). Dunker Church (4-6) The Dunker Church was destroyed in 1921 by a storm, this is not the original building. Sherrick House (7). Artillery Caisson near the Dunker Church (8). The New Jersey Monument (9) behind which is the famous "Bloody Cornfield", and the East Woods.  Antietam National Historic Park, Sharpsburg, Maryland. Photos-LAR 

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