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Some favorite memories of my youth, were the days before Christmas when my father would set up our train sets beneath the Christmas tree. My brother and I had American Flyer train sets, while most of our friends had Lionel. I could never understand why they would like the Lionel sets since Lionel had 3 rails for tracks, while everyone knew real trains only ran on two! I never understood Lionel's immense popularity through the years. The American Flyer locomotives made real train "choo-choo" sounds and real smoke came from the smoke stack. Recently I decided to restore my 55 year old old train set back to running condition. As I did so I found some old catalogs packed with the trains, which I have presented here. I hope it brings back some memories for those who recall the days when a train set under the Christmas Tree was a part of the holiday.

American_Flyer_Cat.1950_mid.jpg (67603 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954.jpg (71222 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1956_cover.jpg (69540 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_ipg4.jpg (65439 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_inside_cover.jpg (70013 bytes)

American_Flyer_Cat.1954_ipg3.jpg (65712 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_pg5_B.jpg (118235 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_pg22_B.jpg (103426 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_pg24_B.jpg (100812 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_pg30_B.jpg (113071 bytes)

American_Flyer_Cat.1954_pg38.jpg (81930 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1956_pg36.jpg (74420 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1950_pg50_B.jpg (110769 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1950_pg5_B.jpg (116375 bytes)American_Flyer_Cat.1954_back_cover.jpg (74128 bytes)

Top row:1950 Cat cover / 1954 Cat. cover / 1956 Cat. cover / 1954 Cat. pg.4./ 1954 inside cover. Second row: 1954 Cat. pg.3 / pg.5 /  pg.22 ./ pg.24 / pg.30

Third row: 1954 Cat.pg.38 / 1956 cat. pg.36./ 1950 cat. pg.50 / pg.5 /1954 cat. rear cover.

American Flyer trains were manufactured by the A. C. Gilbert Company, New Haven, Connecticut.


From the HOBBY SURPLUS collection of American Flyer catalogs from A.C.Gilbert Company catalogs.

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