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Hello! Here are some of the things I have investigated over the years, things I wanted to learn about, things that made me curious. This site allows me to present this information, rather than have it left unread.   For some reason I feel a compulsion regarding researching old objects,  historical places, houses, mills, barns and factories. To express ideas or phenomena that I have experienced but do not understand. Why? I don't know. I enjoy  the task of creating and presenting this information as I feel the discussion should flow. Thanks for visiting-Lou.


In 2003 while on an excursion to photograph the town of Jim Thorpe in northeast Pennsylvania, I notice a large old building sitting off in a distant field. I decided to investigate it and as a result it led to the story of the last building that remained of the Packerton Yards, a railroad yard that was once a part of the Lehigh Valley Railroad System. The story of this building is interesting in that it was one of the earliest steel constructed building in Northeast Pennsylvania.


This 2016 update includes  photos of the old Brodheadsville Inn's original construction and unfortunately its total demolition in 2015!  It was supposed to be renovated into a new restaurant and lounge sometime in 2015 but the Village leaders decided to tear it down. This structure can be dated by early travelers remarks  from the 1830's and to have existed prior to that time. It should have been saved as it was one of the oldest buildings built in the village of Brodheadsville (formerly Shaffer) but  it's fate was decided and it no longer exists. It was on the old Wilkes-Barre/Easton Turnpike  and now identified as Route 209 in Brodheadsville.

Click here for  the history of the  "BRODHEADSVILLE INN"

Parts of the histories regarding the Wannamaker Mill in Kresgeville, Pa. have been updated: click here for "Memories of 1900" and click here for  "MILL AGREEMENT"

My Paternal family home in Lyndhurst N.J. has been demolished and a new home stands in its place. Click for update HERE

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